A5 Real Estate is a professional real estate services company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, which offers a wide range of professional real estate services that include full-service ranch and real estate brokerage, agricultural and commercial appraisal & consulting, and professional land management services. A5 has assembled a team of top professionals, which are uniquely qualified in each of these areas based on their extensive market experience, education, and the entire team’s absolute dedication to professionalism and integrity.

A5 Real Estate’s company motto is “Realizing the value of land, water and open space”, and with that mindset A5 recognizes the valuable role that many conservation organizations play in protecting, promoting, and enhancing our irreplaceable western landscapes.  We are proud to support these conservation ideals by donating a portion of our company’s total profits to a variety of worthy conservation organizations.


A5 specializes in helping clients buy or sell ranches of all types, including cattle ranches, farms or agricultural operations, hunting ranches, fishing properties, recreational land, and development properties.  A5 also helps clients buy or sell commercial or investment real estate, and with A5’s extensive appraisal and direct investment experience, we are uniquely qualified in all aspects of real estate.

Because our experience spans well beyond just selling land, A5 frequently helps clients who may want to convert non-income or low-income producing lands into some form of higher income producing real estate investment. Alternatively, some clients are ready to cash in their investments, and follow the admonition of Mark Twain, who said “Buy Land, They’re Not Making Any More”.  No matter which direction in this real estate exchange process our clients are headed, A5 can help clients navigate and understand the 1031 exchange process.



Professional appraisal and consulting services for all types of agricultural, recreational or commercial properties.  The principals of A5 have been appraising commercial and agricultural properties since the late 1990s, with over $2.5 billion in real estate valuations completed.   Appraisal and consulting clients include conservation groups, regional and national banks, institutional lenders and life insurance companies, government entities, law firms, investors and Fortune 100 financial institutions.



A5’s Land Management division provides customized land management services, which are designed specifically to help landowners understand, manage, and maximize some attribute(s) of their property. With its experienced team, combined with a powerful knowledge of all the resources available to landowners today, A5 will create a custom land management plan for its client. Our custom land management plans can focus on improving a property’s aesthetics, forest health and management, livestock productivity, wildlife habitat, big-game hunting, and water or fishery enhancement. Plans to maximize the market value of land, or improve the marketability of a property in preparation to sell at some future date is also a popular focus. Because of the interconnectivity of land uses, often a comprehensive plan which addresses and balances all of a given property’s various resources is needed